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phenomenon is one big stumbling

Le 27 août 2014, 08:59 dans Humeurs 0

Kitchen, but, each big organization in Japan doesn't value the female's phenomenon is one big stumbling block.Win a new net to give or get an electric shock Han Mei on August 18"B pays free bodyguard" consociation the soldier play on the 18th a formal start.Labor news  in Korea announces to comment on an article and calls that American solider plays to mean to declare war to Korea, all of the mainlands of Korea and the United States are the stroke targets of Korea.The article said that the Han Mei consociation soldier plays peace and Han Chao's relation of breaking Korean peninsula, is the military that Korea can not tolerate to challenge behavior.Han Mei plays new"aim at sex to suppress strategy" in the adoption in the soldier, this means to declare to check war to Korea.If Korean peninsula appears the situation of inscrutability, so the responsibility lies in Han Mei Liang's nike free 5.0 v4 women's shoecountrieses.All of the mainlands of Korea and the United States are the stroke targets of sophisticated Korea weapons.Han Lian She said that Korea announces "people soldier general staff the spokesman declare" on the 17th and again rebuke Han Mei"B pays free bodyguard" the consociation soldier play, and threaten and call not to expel the possibility that the implementation gains the initiative by striking first stroke.Korea carries on a rebuke to this drill annually, but this year's performance is more more vigorous than last year, therefore military authority's noodles will strengthen to keep watch on to the dynasty while carrying on drill and guard.On August 15, Japanese prime minister Shizo Abe

Send assistant as"Liberal Democratic Party chief executive officer" to pacify country an absolute being agency to dedicate to up offer sacrifices to a fee.Several Anne doubly the Ge Liao and more than 80 parliamentarians directly go "do obeisance ghost" then on that day.Lose war to surrender 69 anniversaries in Japan of, these actions again reflect Anne doubly the political power lack to invade war of thoroughly self-reflection, don't intend to make a clear distinction the false attitude of boundary with militarism.Win a new net to give or get an electric shock to investigate to explore news in website in the bureau according to nike free 3.0 v4 men's shoesAmerican geology on August 18, on the 18th in Peking time 10:32, city in the west of Iran cloth Dan Anne Ms 6.2 earthquake hit the neighborhood, the focus depth is 10 kilometers.So far didn'tyet the related personnel die or injure to report.The Bulgarian food safe office releases news to say on the 16th, the livestock farming field of 18 regions in Bulgaria case that discovers a blue tongue disease, the virus has already caused more than 700 sheep death currently.Protecting the safe office of food has already adopted measure, the restriction puts to pasture time, and Be to the animal with a slight infection carry on curing in time.Food safe office office the long Bo Yi section man Si radicle say while accepting a local medium interview:"Although can carry on vaccine and inject to the sheep, lower the rate and death rate of the blue tongue attack disease with this,the blue tongue disease totally has 24 viruses, the very difficult judgment appears this time of virus type.Aim at this time

Head the quickest ability of vaccine of epidemic situation injects in the October devotion, but at that time virus whether already variation, the effect of vaccine can have how much hard to say."The news releasing according to the food safe office announces, the virus of blue tongue disease passes to absorb a blood insect dissemination, can't infect a person, the infection virus animal produces of milk and meat product can't bring about harm on human body, either.The Bo Yi section man Si radicle says that the Sofia meat product didn't be subjected to influence and can't carried on restriction to the meat product trade, either currently.The blue tongue disease is a kind of animal infectious disease aroused by the virus of blue tongue disease.The virus of blue tongue disease passes Yi gnat etc. to absorb a blood insect dissemination and mainly arouses to ruminate an animal outbreak.The nike free run 2 womenssymptom that the blue tongue gets sick includes high fever, mucosa dropsy and ulcer etc. and causes death to lead to 20% to 30%.(Reporter, Chen Hang, )win a new net to give or get an electric shock to report according to the outside Mei on August 18, August 18 local time, the several nationality unidentified battleplane flies the Li wave of more Libyan capital city inside, the local residents said and heard many explosion voices ringing.The Libyan television station means numerous targets in the Li wave that these airplanes assaulted, in about a months, the local militiaman is armed have been trying to control these targets.But the Libyan authorities don't think the militiaman is armed to own his/her own combat

cut off corrupt member of sneak

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The member transfers the family members(usually still have the wealth to illegally acquire) to offshore.The national prevention goes bad bureau an officials say and pass to strengthen a cooperation, can cut off corrupt member of sneak away path.This standpoint gets the United States' ambassador to China the Bo card agreeing with of Si on the meeting, the latter warns to call "the crime member can't be halted to a frontier".United Nations recently unprecedented in history ground will currently Iraq, Syria, the humanitarianism condition of southern Sudan and Central Arerican Republic list as the tallest urgent Class, nike air max 95 for salenamely"x-rated urgent condition", this is the tallest Class of global scope humanitarianism crisis of United Nations and the organization enactment of its colleague.The United States joy will the humanitarianism policy adviser promise E ·Ge especially sand Er gram mean, United Nations before never humanitarianism crisis the urgent condition promoted to so high Class, elucidation humanitarianism front side to what a mess time, multiple crises break out at the same time, and all from mankind's oneself arouse of.He says that taxpayer and the humanitarianism crisis aroused by mankind's oneself of donator bad impression, therefore this is 4 to struggle because of political causable crisis to is lacked enough funds to solve a humanitarianism problem.When Class, scope and complexity of crisis are huge, declare that the humanitarianism is tightly

The hasty status contributes to international society for excellent the allotment turning a resources adopt correct measure and speed a humanitarianism margin.In June, this year, United Nations refugee's business deluxe specialist Anne Tony Ao ·thou especially thunder Si declare, from two wars, currently refugee's number of world requests seeking refuge and forces to become distitute and homeless for the very first time more than 5000 myriad people, the humanitarianism helps although can alleviate a problem, the political project is thoroughly solution.Win a new net to give or get an electric shock to report according to the outside Mei on August 18, the night of the 17th local time, because the black youth encounters white man the police kill but small Fu space Sen in town in the United States that breaks out violent affairs continuously the Sao is disorderly, police's news say,nike air max 2013 buy online the protester throws napalm bomb to the police, the police backstrokes by teargas bomb.On the 17th, the curfew stipulated by state of emergency declared by governor in Missouri keeps on carrying on, before curfew, the police and demonstrator breaks out conflict.Si City police's news in St. Louis said that the demonstrator throws napalm bomb to the police, therefore the police backstrokes by teargas bomb.Medium report to call, the kid in the protester also encountered teargas bomb raid, on the spot of the medium can not escape by sheer luck as well.The TV screen suggests that protest against have already raised card objection in the troops the police is violent of personnel.On August 9, Fu space Sen town in Missouri, the United States 18

The year old African Americans' youth exceeds a gram ·Brown at from convenient the store go home on the way, and white man the police conflict and appear a gun voice on the scene.Brown on the spot hits by bullet to die.The medium new net gives or gets an electric shock to send out the 18th of association(NHK) to report according to Japan on August 18, Japanese government decides to invite for the very first time work in international organization, domestic and international business enterprise etc. of female Gao Guan the next month hold an international conference in Tokyo and increase strategic implementation by push.Japanese prime minister Shizo Abe will attend a meeting.BE invited of include an International Monetary Fund(IMF) chief executive officer to pull to add in the international organization and the international well-known persons that domestic and international business enterprise etc. work virtuous, England before prime minister Blair's madam etc..Former American nike air max 1 for saleSecretary of State Clinton though the video frequency canned not attend,will also sent to make a speech.Report to call, constuct a government make the women well develop the social that day of oneself function originally draw up of one of the growth strategic cores.Japanese government imitates the mastermind of international community and finance and economics field to get soldier's thing to remit to gather one to reach a fertile Si meeting and positions this time international conference as"the female reaches a fertile Si meeting".The meeting settles to open on the 12th of next month, is three days.As well have a day Mei point out, Anne walks for handling a physical labor not enough problem, devoting major efforts encouraging female after doubly appearing on stage

a survey with all strength

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Machine.Police said, although immediately activating should track device,immediately activating still don't target the armed men's position currently.Judicial police in Paris currently just in the middle of launching a survey with all strength.Along with Chinese real strenght to build up, Washington is more and more difficult to continue to promote he/she always practice of to China strategy.May there are other choices in the future.Obama government of is the structure that gradually sets up to suppress a nike air max 1 running shoespolicy to China to China policy, and determinedly deny that it is promoting this kind of policy at the same time.Washington by all meansly strengthens to relate to with the empress Cold War period allieses of Japan, Korea and Philippines and related to the Ke Ke Ban Ban with Vietnam and India etc. before again of national establishment new safe colleague's relation.The havings in the United States these raise Cuos to all have a little bit common one:All with have to China hostility or feel keenly a misgiving in the strength to build up of East Asia to China at least of national establishment safety relation.However, the United States leaders to face reality, though the reality may be hard to accept.This kind of reality is current the United States strategy not only self-contradictory, and see can not keep on for long term.Owing to west Pacific Ocean and eastern china sea region gradually form of lately strategic situation, in the not far future, the United States will have to adopt a

Kind more definitely consistent policy.This will beg it to make a choice in three rigorous optionses.Each options is all beneficial to have a fraud.Adopt to obviously suppress a policy:Adopt a policy like this to equal to admit the policy that many in the last yearses in Washington have been being informally promoting, and strengthen.If the United States successfully wins Japan, Korea, Australia, Indonesia and Vietnam and the region other importantly the supporting strongly of good luck political role , so, openly adopt to suppress a policy it is very likely successfully repress Chinese strength, and keep on for several decades.Essentially speak, Washington will make duplicate to successfully deal with the strategy of Soviets for Cold War period.Win a new net to give or get an electric shock to report according to the outside Mei on August 18, the United States nike air max 2013 for salerecently many ginsengs with"ice bucket challenge", and clap short subject up carry into a net, atrophy side Suo for the muscle cirrhosis(ALS) the sufferer raise a style.American man also suffers from the friend of this disease to raise a style for body, but successfully raises next day misery of style to be drowned to die, it make people feel sorry for.Report to call, "ice bucket challenge" has already become current in American celebrity's inside of circle recently, be had a roll call challenger to need head to sprinkle ice water and otherwise want to contribute money USD 100 to the ALS benevolent society within 24 hours.The 27-year-old American man radicle aroma is also not recently

The friend who suffers from ALS luckily raises a style.His good friend Fu's pulling Tai Si is an ALS sufferer, the radicle aroma is named more ALS sufferers to raise a style by good friend and totally raise kind style of more than USD 100,000.Because result very good, he says to family that he is very happy.Anticipate to raise for a style of next day dawn, the radicle aroma is disheveled hair to tingle state now of south especially the radicle island was drowned while diving, incurable after sending a hospital, it make people feel sorry for.Win a new net to give or get an electric shock to report on the 18th according to common agency in Japan on August 18, for at halt the American solider of day Pu sky destination in the moving of airport(proper wild gulf City, Okinawa County)-the county's protect city side the wild thou littoral region carry on filling sea to build ground, Okinawa defends the bureau established to used for a bottom of sea drilling survey on the sea surface of float a ship, begin to develop a bottom of sea cheap nike air max 95 menssurvey.China is using it as this year's Pacific Asia through match the opportunity of organization(APEC) meeting host nation to highlight China leadership layer the anti- Fu problem that extremely values in the domestic.The APEC anti- corrupt high seminar held in Peking recently and discussed to totally build the anti- corruption enforced the law to cooperate problems like network,etc.The basic target of the network is to help a member to share an anti- Fu survey technique and strategy information, and strengthen contact in order to can across a territory to handle a case.A great problem of concern in China is "naked officer" phenomenon-public position person

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